Client Testimonials

"Sharon and her team at IPC were a great help in my retirement process. She took into account my plans and priorities; and always explained various financial aspects in a patient and easily understood manner. She monitored my investments closely and provided regular detailed updates. When appropriate, Sharon recommended different investment products." - C.A

"As a longtime client of Sharon Boothroyd, I have appreciated her attention to details and clear explanations concerning my investments. She has made great efforts to understand my needs and always given me ACE (above customer expectation) performance." - S.K

"Sharon Boothroyd has been working with us since 2008. As a professional, she brings great knowledge and competency to her role as our Financial Planner. She is highly organized and comes to each meeting well prepared. We trust her advice and have financially benefited from her recommendations. As clients, we feel comfortable raising questions and giving feedback during our meetings. Sharon respects and understands our needs and wishes. We look forward to planning future investments and our retirement strategy with Sharon and the Investment Planning Counsel team." - E.T-B & J.B

"Sharon Boothroyd is a financial advisor who walks the talk. She faithfully monitors our portfolio, makes recommendations and schedules house visits twice a year. Her advice is founded on detailed research of where the market is going and since taking over as our financial advisor our portfolio has seen gains never before achieved. Thank you Sharon." -  E.A. & L.A.